The idea of changing up your eye colour with cosmetic lenses may seem daunting at first, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There are few better ways to elevate your everyday look than with coloured contact lenses – they're a sure-fire way to really change things up!

Coloured contact lenses do more than just change your eye colour, they change your whole style! Don’t believe us? Well then – you better read on, as we’re about to explain exactly why you need some natural coloured contact lenses in your life!

Rejuvenating Your Look

Most people don’t take the plunge on coloured contact lenses and so never get the chance to experience life with a different eye colour... And that’s exactly why our natural coloured contacts will do a fantastic job of rejuvenating your look! If you’ve had brown eyes your whole life, it’s impossible to imagine what having blue ones is like without some coloured contacts. By changing something so huge about yourself as your eye colour, you can really freshen up your look and surprise yourself. It’ll inspire you to try out new looks and do things you wouldn’t have ever done with your natural eye colour...

New York Grey MI-1 Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Lens: New York Grey MI-1 Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Link: https://freshladyeye.com/products/gogh-gray-natural-colored-contact-lenses?_pos=3&_psq=mi&_ss=e&_v=1.0


Taking Control

By changing your eye colour, you’re taking control of your look. In a way, you’re defying nature, deciding how you want your eyes to look. It can be a really empowering experience – so you can definitely see how it can inspire you to change your look in other ways. If you’re able to take control of eye colour, what’s to stop you from getting that dramatic hair cut you’ve wanted for ages? Or how about that really awesome bit of jewellery that you’ve always felt is out of your price range? Changing your eye colour can be a great way to remind yourself you who’s in control of your look!

Make Up

As I’ve said, there are a number of ways that you can use coloured contact lenses as a fashion accessory, but perhaps the best way is in conjunction with your makeup. With eye makeup especially, the colours you can pull off well can be really dependent on the colour of your eyes. By using coloured lenses you can try out shades of eye makeup you wouldn’t have dared to before! It opens up a whole new world! Additionally, you can colour coordinate with other parts of your makeup, such as your lipstick. How awesome is that?

People Will See You in a New Light

A very simple way that coloured contact lenses can elevate your everyday look... People are bound to see you in a fresh light! When wearing fashion contacts, it’s not only your eyes that change, because everyone will be re-examining the other parts of your look as well. In a way, contacts offer a fashion fresh start. Just as lenses allow you to try out new makeup looks, they’re also sure to work with your existing look (in terms of clothes as well as makeup!) in new ways that are sure to get you some attention.

Freshlady White Mesh D48-W Halloween Contact Lenses

Lens: Freshlady White Mesh D48-W Halloween Contact Lenses

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You’ll See Yourself in a New Light

Perhaps even simpler than our last reason: You’ll be able to re-evaluate your own look. Changing your eye colour might help you realise that a top or jumper doesn’t really fit with your look anymore, or that you aren’t as in love with your current haircut as you thought you were. Sometimes we all just need a bit of change in our lives to freshen things up, and coloured contact lenses are one of the best ways to kick start that change up!

So are you ready to meet the new you? Surprise yourself and pick up a lens colour that you never thought about trying before – blue, green, grey... Heck, maybe even one that’s a little bit more out there, like purple! There are no limits when it comes to your look!

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