Can Men Wear Colored Contacts Lens?

Can Men Wear Colored Contacts Lens?

Freshladyeye would love to answer you. Well, do men have eyes? Of course, they do! So, can men wear colored contact lenses? Yes! Of course, they can!

But Should They?

Well, there is a question with a bit more complicated answer. It really depends on who you ask. There are a few stereotypes you may have heard about a man who wears colored contact lenses, either as a bit of an upgrade to go along with their vision correction or purely as an accessory. Here are some assumptions people may make of guys who wear contact lenses with color.

Cosplayer, actor, model, Korean singer or ... maybe gay.


Opal grey ME51 Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Lens name: Opal grey ME51 Natural Colored Contact Lenses



How Can You Look Your Sexiest in Colored Contact Lenses?

You don’t have to be a superhero, or an Asian pop star, to look great in colored contact lenses. And we are here to help you pull it off! We have a few general rules of thumb for you.

Choose a Color: For the most part, we recommend that you go for realistic colors unless you’re shopping for a great cosplay look (we’ve got you covered there, too!) We have several natural tones to explore, from brilliant browns and gorgeous greys to graceful green! Or - if you dare - try a beautiful blue!

Consider Lens Diameter: Colored contact lenses come in a variety of graphic lens diameters (size of the printed portion of the lens). And each serves a purpose of its own. Larger diameters create the illusion of larger irises, which are associated with wide-eyed innocence. For men, we recommend an average or smaller than average lens diameter. Look for a lens with a graphic diameter of 14.0mm or lower. These give you a more realistic look.

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