1, 2, 3 or 6 tones of contact lenses? How should I choose?

1, 2, 3 or 6 tones of contact lenses? How should I choose?

Aimed at different lens color combinations, we grouped these colored contact lenses single tone, double tones, three tones, and four tones.

ingle-Tone / 1-Tone Contact Lenses

One tone means that there is only one color in contact lenses. Usually, black and brown types are very famous.

One-tone contact lenses are an excellent choice if you want to alter the color of your eyes in a more natural and subtle manner. Opting for 1-tone color contacts do not really require much brainstorming as to whether or not they will look good on you or if they will work well with your natural eye color. For people with light-colored eyes, 1-tone contact lenses serve one specific purpose: to darken the hues of your eyes and make them look more intense.


1 Tone Contact on Freshlady


Freshlady Nattier Blue K32 Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Lens: Freshlady Nattier Blue K32 Natural Colored Contact Lenses

Links: https://freshladyeye.com/collections/1-tone-contacts/products/nattier-blue-colored-contact-lenses


Bi-Tone / 2-Tone Contact Lenses

Two tones lenses mainly add to the black or dark outer ring, which mainly offers the enlarging effect, make your eyes look more sparkling.

Two-tone contact lenses are the perfect option for contact lens wearers looking to add beauty and some sparkling effect to their eyes. Two-tone circle lenses are available in a variety of colors meant to mesmerize and add some uniqueness and elegance to the wearer’s eyes. Whether you have naturally light or dark color eyes, the right pair of 2-tone circle lenses will definitely give your eyes some personality that will match the impression you are trying to project.


Tri-Tone / 3-Tone Contact Lenses

Three tones contact lenses add another color than two tones contact lenses. There also have several types you can choose from.

If you want a bolder and classier circle lens design, then 3-tone contact lenses are definitely the best way to go. Three-tone lenses incorporate 3 color shades into 1 contact lens. Working in harmony, the colors in 3-tone lenses will provide a unique and natural sparkling effect to the wearer’s eyes. Whatever the natural color of your eyes is, these circle lenses will give those peepers a shine that is hard to miss.

3 Tone Contact


Freshlady Ocean Blue F02 Three Tones Colored Contact Lenses

Lens: Freshlady Ocean Blue F02 Three Tones Colored Contact Lenses

Link: https://freshladyeye.com/collections/3-tone-contacts/products/ocean-blue-colored-contact-lenses-1


Tone Contact Lenses

Four tones colored contact lenses add another color than three tunes, besides the color 3 tunes hold, it also increases gray or black outer ring to provide the enlarging effect.

Bring out your natural beauty with a pair of 4-tone circle lenses. It can’t get any better than this! Four-tone contact lenses are designed to maximize the essence of the wearer’s eyes. Freshlady offers a wide selection of 4-tone circle lenses that are guaranteed to make you look stunning and sweet.


6 Tone Contacts:


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